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Integrate VLCMediaLibrary Kit on tvOS

Work in Progress to include VLCMediaLibrary Kit on tvOS,

Issues that are present:

  1. Directory scanning doesn't work on Cache paths right now due to issue with kit

  2. Progress View could be better in focused state

  3. New Label on the cell still has some issues

There might be places where i have not defined keys/ localisation , white spaces, which i will gradually

Things that are working

  1. Playback of Audio/Video Files

  2. Recovery of last left playback state of the media (Closes Issue #1222)

  3. thumb nailing

  4. Addition/Deletion/Rename basic operations.

Did not remove the old media management classes for the time being, but no dependancy on them needed now.

Please note that it requires the latest patch for tvOS to test this Podfile

A recording of RemotePlaybackViewController:


Edited by Eshan Singh

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