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    Here comes a big commit. It consists of largely 3 pieces: · 5120a54b
    Jean-Paul Saman authored
    1) Finally added documentation for dynamic configuration and trickplay assignment to inputs.
    2) This commit makes architectural changes in the VLS core code. It makes implementation of different Trickplay strategies possible. Currently only one is supported, the default "normal" trickplay. It works just like the old code. For files this code works correctly. Unfortunately I have not been able to test v4l, dvb and video inputs thoroughly, so expect this commit to breaks things in that area. Please do some additional testing.
    3) Support for reading large files >2GB has been extended with new compile options and using 64 bits integers explicitly throughout the affected code.
    I also did some cleanup with respect to printfs. There are still a lot in this code, they NEED to be eliminated and replaced by Log(hlog, LOG_XXXX, ....) statements.
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