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    Application of my ps2ts patch "the biggie" · a872b503
    Andrew de Quincey authored
    1) Rewrite of mpeg/ps2ts.cpp
    	 This fixes loads of issues I found while trying to stream files.
    	 Too many to remember offhand or list here.
    2) Added extra functions to cope with end of streams to reader
    interface (specifically for filereader.cpp)
    3) Fixed a bug in tsstreamer where it always went into a massively
    long sleep on certain files
    		 At the very start of the stream, it compared the previous PCR to the
    		 current PCR. With the files I was using the current PCR was something
    		 like 5647535365876, and the previous PCR was 0 (as it was the start of
    		 the stream).
    4) Fixed --loop so it works as expected. I'm not sure if this is in
    	 line with recent changes, tell me if not.