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     ALL : Interface modularization.
        Creation of modules "telnet" and "native".
        Work in prevision of new interfaces (RTSP, http, .....) for the
      . Some details for developers:
          * created a new generic interface called "C_Interface"
          * created a module launcher in C_Admin
          * Issue with threads : Interface is responsible for the vls to
            run. If there is no interface, vls stops immediately.
            i.e : if there are n interface -> (n-1) thread and the last
            interfaces, the last stays in the main thread.
      . Bugs :
         * Connections doesn't not work with threaded interfaces. Only
           the main thread interface responds. So if you launch n telnet
           interface, only the last one would work ...
         * SIGINT are not well handled : I chose temporarily to kill the app
           (otherwise it does not stop...)
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