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Youtube.lua regex fix for #25988 and #25995

Kung Lao requested to merge (removed):kunglao-master-patch-38675 into master
  1. youtube.lua - js_descramble function doesn't return the descrambler function name due to a regex mismatch.

  2. Issue ref: #25988 (closed), #25995 (closed)

  3. javascript code string to match: Gma=function(a,b,c,d){var e=[];c=g.r(c);for(var;!f.done;{var h=f.value;if(h.url){f=new g.KB(h.url,!0);if(h.s){var l=h.sp,m=wja(decodeURIComponent(h.s));f.set(l,encodeURIComponent(m))}l=g.r(Object.keys(d));for(;!m.done;,f.set(m,d[m]);h=Lka(h.type,h.quality,h.itag,h.width,h.height);e.push(new cG(h,f))}}return aG(a.B,e,JF(a,b))};

with the applied regex patch the js_descramble function returns "wja" (without quotes) as it should

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