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macosx: Implement revamped video playback controls

Claudio Cambra requested to merge claucambra/vlc:work/control-bar-fixes into master

This MR implements new, unified video playback controls for all video playback modes (windowed, embedded, native and non-native full-screen, etc.)

Rather than implementing separate video views and control bar views, we now have a VLCMainVideoView alongside a VLCMainVideoViewController which integrates both things into one component. This ensures consistency across different video playback modes and allows us to more easily embed a video and its playback controls into all sorts of views.

The design of the playback controls, alongside the new VLCFullVideoViewWindow, is intended to eliminate clutter as much as possible while providing an easily extensible control set. What is included in this MR is intended as a functional first step with additional controls (bookmarks, subtitles, etc.) to come.

A couple of old components have been removed altogether, including:

  • The old, small, hovering full screen panel
  • The old detachable window, replaced by a simple window with the new video view with embedded controls
  • The library autohide toolbar (functionally replaced by VLCFullVideoViewWindow)

Comparison with old video views:

  1. Embedded video in library window
  2. Non-native full-screen video window
  3. Detached video window
New Old
Screen_Recording_2023-02-22_at_16.16.31 Screen_Recording_2023-02-22_at_16.23.12
Screenshot_2023-02-22_at_16.34.20 Screenshot_2023-02-22_at_16.23.49
Screenshot_2023-02-22_at_16.59.44 Screenshot_2023-02-22_at_17.05.21

Closes #27778 (closed)

Signed-off-by: Claudio Cambra

Edited by Claudio Cambra

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