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plugins/access: add some missing option ranges and choice lists

Lyndon Brown requested to merge jnqnfe/vlc:access_ranges into master

Similar to !1229 this adds some missing ranges, and one choice list. I'm not adding ranges where choice lists already exist because #26485 work may add enforcement of lists.

Note that in the declink, dvdnav and dvdread cases, small snippets of validation code are removed as being obsolete, while otherwise this is not done. (Please note that I intend to shortly fix any missing range enforcement in the config system as outlined in #26485, I'm submitting this ahead of that work to get the big collection of these patches shifted out of my backlog).

Please note that in most cases setting a lower bound is what I'm most interested in. I generally do not know what a sensible upper bound should be and so am just going with INT_MAX, which actually deviates from the INT64_MAX normal default. If anyone has a better suggestion for any upper bounds, I would welcome them. I'm also happy to switch to INT64_MAX if preferred, but it seemed generally unnecessary, and we do often read values into basic ints.

This is the set of simpler patches affecting the access plugin modules. Further sets will follow.

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