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[RFC] Single instance

Romain Vimont requested to merge rom1v/medialibrary:single_instance into master

In VLC, loading the medialibrary module (Open()) is done during VLC start, unless --no-media-library is passed. The fact that the module is correctly opened determines if the medialib UI should be enabled.

However, the medialib initialization is lazy (Init()/initialize() is called the first time the medialib is needed, i.e. later).

To enforce a single medialib instance, we want to know immediately (on medialibrary module loading) if the single instance file lock can be acquired, to be able to enable/disable the medialib UI as needed. However, the file lock path depends on parameters passed to initialize() ( in the mlFolderPath), which is called later.

Therefore, split initialize() in two parts:

  1. configure(dbPath, mlFolderPath): set the db path and ml folder path
  2. initialize(mlCallback): initialize the database

The existing initialize(dbPath, mlFolderPath, mlCallback) is kept for convenience to do both configure(dbPath, mlFolderPath)+initialize(mlCallback) (and make the tests happy).

Then acquire the file lock on configure() (and return a bool to let the caller know if the database can be used).


  • the feature uses flock(), so something else is necessary for Windows.
  • the file lock is acquired during the configure() call, which is not obvious from the name.
  • the lock is in the mlFolderPath directory, maybe its named should be derived from dbPath instead?

On VLC, this branch disables the medialib if the lock is already acquired):

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