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    Improve reference ordering in interleaved 3D video · 247f504d
    Fiona Glaser authored
     Provides a decent compression improvement when encoding interleaved 3D content (--frame-packing 5).
     Helps more without B-frames and at lower bitrates.
     Note that x264 will not do this optimization unless --frame-packing 5 is used to tell x264 that the source is interleaved 3D.
    Tests consistently show that interleaved frame packing is by far the best way to compress 3D content.
    It gives a ~35-50% compression benefit over separate streams or top/bottom or left/right coding.
    Also finally add support for L1 reference reordering (in B-frames).
    Also add support for reordered ref0 in L0 and L1 lists; could be useful in the future for other things.
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