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    • Sergei Trofimovich's avatar
      Makefile: Add missing dependency of '.depend' on 'oclobj.h' · e067ab0b
      Sergei Trofimovich authored
      Without the change parallel build occasionally fails as:
          $ make --shuffle
          gcc ... -c common/opencl.c -o common/opencl-8.o ...
          common/opencl.c:116:10: fatal error: common/oclobj.h: No such file or directory
            116 | #include "common/oclobj.h"
                |          ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Best reproducible with `make --shuffle` mode:
      This happens because `common/oclobj.h` is an autogenerated file.
      Normally `.depend` would contain this autogenerated dependency.
      But nothing forces `common/oclobj.h` to be generated.
      The change moves dependency of $(GENERATED) from final binaries
      to `.depend` itself:
          .depend: $(GENERATED)
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    • Jessica Clarke's avatar
      configure: Always make shared imply PIC · 19856cc4
      Jessica Clarke authored and Anton Mitrofanov's avatar Anton Mitrofanov committed
      Building a shared library without -fPIC does not make sense. On most
      architectures, especially recent ones, doing so will give link-time
      errors due to relocations in read-only sections like .text. On some
      legacy architectures, including i386, it is allowed by default, but will
      warn, and is highly discouraged due to the overheads it adds at library
      load time. Most architectures were already listed here as having shared
      imply PIC, but not all, such as i386 which ends up with unwanted text
      relocations, as well as architectures not known to the build system
      currently like RISC-V, which does not permit text relocations by
      default. There is no good reason to want shared without PIC on any
      architecture, so just remove the architecture list.
  15. 12 Dec, 2021 1 commit
    • Henrik Gramner's avatar
      Remove thread priority tweaking · 8a43cc14
      Henrik Gramner authored
      Back in 2009 when this was added it improved scheduling of lookahead
      threads on prevalent operating systems at the time.
      According to more recent testing by Intel however, lowering thread
      priorities does not improve performance on modern operating systems.
      And more importantly, doing so on systems with heterogeneous CPU
      topologies may actually result in a severe performance reduction.
      Removing this code altogether eliminates the issue with performance
      degradation on such systems, while having no noticeable impact on
      regular systems with homogeneous CPU topologies.
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    • Henrik Gramner's avatar
      x86inc: Support memory operands in src1 in 3-operand instructions · e73fc230
      Henrik Gramner authored
      Particularly in code that makes heavy use of macros it's possible
      to end up with 3-operand instructions with a memory operand in src1.
      In the case of SSE this works fine due to automatic move insertions,
      but in AVX that fails since memory operands are only allowed in src2.
      The main purpose of this feature is to minimize the amount of code
      changes required to facilitate conversion of existing SSE code to AVX.
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