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Add gapless support

Thomas Guillem requested to merge tguillem/vlc:gapless/0 into master

Gapless as a seamless transition between 2 audio media, this MR is not about cross-fading (not planned for VLC 4.0).

If gapless is enabled and possible, the vlc_player_t will load a new input_thread_t, in gapless mode, near the end of the current input_thread_t.

This input_thead_t in gapless mode will act as a normal input_thread_t except that it will be halted at the end of the buffering, waiting for a signal from the player to resume. The gapless preparation can be cancelled (if the user stop/seek/etc...).

The audio output is also modified to handle gapless. If an aout stream is notified to have a next stream playing (input_thread_t in gapless mode), it won't drain and stop at the end of the current stream.

I fixed the points discussed during the last VLC tech meeting

  • Gapless is only enabled if the input can be paced (Use it only for file-based access: file, smb, nfs...)
  • Gapless is only enabled when playing only one audio ES (that drive the block == master)
  • It can only work if the reported input time and length are correct

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