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RFC: win32: nsis: compact installation after installation succeeds

Fatih Uzunoğlu requested to merge fuzun/vlc:win32-compact-after-install into master

Unlike traditional NTFS compression, compact.exe, introduced with Windows 10 works really fast and provides considerable compression rates with its default settings. For the record, it takes about 5 seconds to compress the whole installation with AMD Ryzen 5800H running under VM.

Nowadays decompression can be considered faster than reading from disk. So, it is almost always a good idea to utilize compression when applicable.

The size reduction observed during testing is substantial. The size reduction of vlc-4.0.0-dev-win64-c6566cf2 is as follows:

Before (size on disk): 252 MB (264,425,472 bytes) After (size on disk): 148 MB (156,147,712 bytes)

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