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Draft: [GSoC 2024] Add WebAssembly Plugin Support and Integrate with Latest Rust Support Changes

Vikram Kangotra requested to merge vikram-kangotra/vlc:wasm-plugin-system into master

This Merge Request (MR) introduces WebAssembly Plugin System support using Wasmer in Rust. The Rust work is derived from Loic's rust-for-vlc branch.

Detailed Changes

  1. WebAssembly Plugin Implementation:
    • Added core functionality for WebAssembly plugins using Wasmer.
    • Integrated WebAssembly plugin loading, execution processes, and interactions.
  2. Rust Support Integration:
    • Merged the latest master branch changes, including Loic's commits for Rust support.


These changes aim to:

  • Extend the capabilities of our system by incorporating WebAssembly plugins.
  • Ensure that the new WebAssembly functionality is seamlessly integrated with the Rust support enhancements.

Tasks to Complete the MR

  • Implement abstraction for extension_t.
  • Add Wasm module.
  • Add Wasm extension submodule.
  • Implement the Wasm Plugin System
  • Read Plugin Description from Wasm Plugin
  • Execute Wasm Plugin.
  • (More tasks to be added as needed...)
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