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doc: Build-win32: Improve incorrect navigation path to vlc

Darshan Jain requested to merge Thrillseekr/vlc:doc/incorrect_navigation into master

VLC is building inside the "Build" folder as per Build-win32

The hierarchy is as follows:


Build-win32 is using "../vlc/extras/package/win32/ -a x86_64" to run and other scripts inside Build folder. It means we first navigate to parent directory (../) i.e VLC and then again moving to vlc directory that is inside parent vlc, which is not present and throwing error:

   cd: ../vlc: No such file or directory

By this commit the issue is resolved. Now we are directing towards the correct directory.

vlc(parent) -> build -> run scripts "../extras/package" -> vlc(parent) -> extras -> ...

Fixes: #28562 (closed)

Edited by Darshan Jain

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