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[3.0] Taglib: Use ID3v2Tag() instead of tag() for RIFF::WAV::File

Steve Lhomme requested to merge robUx4/vlc:30_taglib_20 into 3.0.x

WriteMetaToId3v2 expects a ID3v2::Tag instead of Tag, but Since TagLib v2.0, RIFF::WAV::File::tag() returns a Tag instead of ID3v2::Tag, hence replace the usage of tag() method with ID3v2Tag().

Additionally, to resolve the compilation error, the function signatures of insert and removeBlock have been adjusted to align with the base class functions.

(cherry picked from commit ec29dfca) (edited)


  • 3.0 doesn't have setMaxSequentialRead
  • 3.0 doesn't have USE_IOSTREAM_RESOLVER

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