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subpicture: separate the region type from its container

Steve Lhomme requested to merge robUx4/vlc:region_list into master

On top of !4466 (merged), only the last commit matters.

The drawback is that it makes the structure bigger. But we get plenty of helpers. There might be other containers suitable but we use a mix of append and prepend.

Combined with !4445 (closed) the subpicture_region_t could be a fully opaque structure.


  • rename subpicture_region_ChainDelete() to vlc_spu_regions_Clear() as it doesn't delete the list, just the elements, with other containers there could be a difference between clearing the list and deleting it, a proper vlc_spu_regions_Destroy() would be needed to account for how elements are stored. But we don't need it for now (or even with vlc_vector)
  • fix bogus rendered region filling
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