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video_output: shuffle some code around to make it clearer who does what

Steve Lhomme requested to merge robUx4/vlc:vout-clean-render into master
  • move the VOUT_MWAIT_TOLERANCE use closer to the wait calls (independent from !445 (merged))
  • DisplayPicture() only returns actual picture dates where it expects to be called, the vout loop takes care of adjusting the wait it will do to call DisplayPicture() at that date
  • explicitly handle the case when displayed.current is set but was not displayed, so we don't have initialized variables that don't have a general use case.
  • remove superflous variables when other ways are possible (dropped_current_frame)
  • only use the refresh bool to tell if we need to do the rendering or not


  • rebased
  • adjusted the code to the current master (so commits are gone)
  • added more explanations in some commits
Edited by Steve Lhomme

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