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vout: pass non-left-mouse-button double-clicks

nurupo requested to merge nurupo/vlc:dont-filter-out-double-clicks into 3.0.x

This fixes #28377 (closed) -- the issue when double-clicking on MOUSE_BUTTON_CENTER (mouse wheel) would result in plugins receiving mouse events only for the first click, as VLC was filtering out all non-left-mouse-button double-clicks.

The non-left-mouse-button double-click events, instead of being entirely filtered out, are now being passed as regular mouse button presses without any indication that they are double-clicks. While it would be more proper to pass them as double-clicks with the corresponding mouse button being pressed, that might break some 3rd party plugins that rely on (vlc_mouse_t.b_double_click == true) to mean that the left mouse button was double-clicked, without checking if the left mouse button was actually pressed. Still, even with b_double_click not being set on non-left-mouse-button double-clicks, passing such double-clicks as regular press+release events does fix the issue of VLC "eating up" the second click of a MOUSE_BUTTON_CENTER, so this is a good change.

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