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qml: Video page - "Continue Watching" improvements and table view implementation

Addition of a VideoGridDisplay component (as done with VideoListDisplay), to eliminate code duplication. This component replaces the currently used KeyNavigableView that is used at the 'Videos' page

Before: Screenshot_from_2023-09-30_11-57-32
After: Screenshot_from_2023-09-30_11-55-03

Implementation of table view functionality for the "Continue Watching" feature.

Before: Screenshot_from_2023-09-30_11-58-20
After: Screenshot_from_2023-09-30_11-55-25

Implementation of a "See All" button that opens a sub-display, in order to view all recently watched videos!

See all sub display: Screenshot_from_2023-09-30_11-55-40

Positioning improvements on the Video page
Edited by Leon Vitanos

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