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Draft: show 00:00 for ticks under 1 second

Leon Vitanos requested to merge leon.vitanos/vlc:format-time-under-sec into master

should fix #27770

Screenshot_from_2023-04-21_02-04-11 Screenshot_from_2023-04-21_02-05-09

When it comes to duration, 00:00 might seem weird

Screenshot_from_2023-04-21_02-25-05 Screenshot_from_2023-04-21_02-32-10

But i don't see others caring to show ms for this rare case (e.g nautilus, plex)..

Screenshot_from_2023-04-21_02-45-01 Screenshot_from_2023-04-21_02-40-47

This is a design choice. In case you would like to show ms on duration, one solution is for formatHMS(), formatLong(), formatShort() to have a bool argument on what to return for under 1000ms

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