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macosx: Improve the VLCMainVideoView

This MR reworks the VLCMainVideoView in several ways:

  1. The bottom bar view is no longer an NSVisualEffectView, but is transparent
  2. There is now a darkening gradient overlay and shadows on main control elements to make them more visible
  3. Added an NSVisualEffectView to simulate a titlebar over the video part of the video view
  4. Added a fade-in and fade-out animation rather than immediately showing/hiding controls
  5. Improved handling of conditions under which controls should be shown/hidden
New Old
Presentation: Screen_Recording_2023-03-05_at_17.34.24 Presentation: Screen_Recording_2023-03-05_at_17.44.34
Windowed: Screenshot_2023-03-04_at_20.05.51 Windowed: Screenshot_2023-03-05_at_17.45.00
Fullscreen: Screenshot_2023-03-04_at_20.06.02 Fullscreen: Screenshot_2023-03-05_at_17.45.34

Signed-off-by: Claudio Cambra

Edited by Claudio Cambra

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