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macosx: Make library navigation buttons functional

Claudio Cambra requested to merge claucambra/vlc:work/nav-buttons into master

This MR makes the back/forward buttons in the VLCLibraryWindow functional. This is thanks to the addition of a VLCLibraryNavigationStack that holds VLCLibraryNavigationState objects, which contain details about the various states at which the VLCLibraryWindow has been. At the moment, the states only record changes to the main views, specifically:

  • Switching between main views (i.e. Video, Audio, Browse, Streams)
  • Changing view modes (i.e. Grid view or Table view)
  • Changing audio library groupings (i.e. Artist's, Albums, Songs or Genres)


Signed-off-by: Claudio Cambra

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