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Draft: libvlc: add keystore API

Thomas Guillem requested to merge tguillem/vlc:libvlc-keystore-remove into master

Here is a draft of a LibVLC keystore API, please don't review the implementation itself but the API.

  • TODO: test case
  • Rework dynamic array allocation to be future-proof (like the libvlc_media_track API)

Why a Draft? Because I wanted to avoid spending too much time on the implementation, since I have some questions...

  • Should we allow users to browse the keystore like this API is doing? But without the capacity to get the secret password.
  • If you agree with ^^, should we expose the secret? (I, personally, don't like it)
  • If you disagree with both ^^, should we only expose an API to remove all keystore entries matching a HOST/PATH/PORT without letting the user browsing it? (The API will be way simpler in that case).

Thanks for your attention and comments!

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