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Qt: Hotkey editor fixes and improvements

Lyndon Brown requested to merge jnqnfe/vlc:hotkeys into master

My work on the hotkey editor, mostly Qt exclusive.

Some highlights:

  • Fixed broken conflict checking with multi-key assignments, as is the default on Linux currently. Now for instance trying to assign Space to something will correctly be caught as a conflict.
  • Fixed too small column width issue especially relevant to multi-key assignments, and poor display of such cases.
  • Fixed failure to update filter results upon change of filter field selection.
  • Fixed silly failure to recognise self conflict.
  • Removed silly incorrect tooltip on table label coming from arbitrary hotkey item.
  • Added longtext tooltip to first column, helping users better understand certain actions.
  • Tweaked row height to improve the look.
  • Clarified the table label, such that it makes much better sense where it appears in the advanced view.
  • Lots of behind the scenes minor code improvements.

What is not included:

  • Any fixes for the common issues capturing keys. I tried switching to QKeySequenceEdit when I originally started this work, but found that it has issues of its own and the Qt guys seem unmotivated or too busy to fix it, so it just trades one set of bugs for another.
  • Some additional string adjustments, which I'm holding back for now.
  • A fix for #25754.

Screenshot showing some of the tiny visual tweaks: hotkeys

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