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aout: rework stereo-mode and add mix-mode

Thomas Guillem requested to merge tguillem/vlc:stereo-mode/0 into master

cf. the original discussion here:

  • Restores the VLC 2.x behavior for --stereo-mode: use it only for stereo content.
  • Add a new option: --mix-mode: allow the user to force an output channel configuration
  • Move headphones (Binaural) handling from --stereo-mode to --mix-mode
  • Transform the spatialaudio "audio filter" to an audio converter, automatically loaded via i_chan_mode (like the dolby audio converter)

Here are some screenshots of stereo/mix mode menus:

Stereo mode menu when playing stereo:


Mix mode menu when playing 5.1:


Mix mode menu when playing Ambisonics:


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