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    * ./src/libvlc.c, ./include/main.h: the root of all objects is now · 145b1961
    Sam Hocevar authored
        p_libvlc, and each p_vlc is a child of p_libvlc. Reasons for this are:
         o the module bank and the message bank only need to be initialized once,
           which gives faster loads when multiple instances of libvlc are used,
         o we allow the possibility of different p_vlc sharing objects, for
           instance the audio output,
         o the CPU detection is only done once.
        This patch is not polished yet, but I cannot do any intensive tests for
        the moment because of a bug somewhere that leaves audio output objects
        lying here and there which needs to be investigated first. The current
        major issue is that the module bank is no longer freed.
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