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MediaCategoryViewController: Last Played Playlist Media Indicator

The following feature was requested in #1760

I have added an indicator to the MediaCategoryViewController for the last played playlist and its last played media. it is immediately updated based on the playback state. When the playback is active, it is hidden, and when the playback is stopped, it is shown.

The indicator can detect the playlist and its media in the following scenarios:

  • When playing a single media from a playlist.
  • When playing an entire playlist.
  • When switching from playing an entire playlist to a single media from the playlist, and vice versa.

All of these cases are detected using the tap select action and long press gestures actions (play, play next in queue, and append to queue) when the queue is empty.

For MovieCollectionViewCell, added a label called groupLastPlayed for indicating the playlist in Grid mode, and for a single media inside the playlist Grid mode is not an option.

Video PlaylistMediaIndicator
Edited by Mohamed Sliem

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