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Favorite Folder on Remote Shares

Rizky Maulana requested to merge Perklone/vlc-ios:favorite into master

This MR will add new features that allow users to add a folder into a favorite view controller in the network tab bar. This includes adding a remove favorite folder, and watching content directly without going through VLCNetworkLoginViewController.

This is currently a draft due to the following issues that still wait for confirmation such as:

  • The symbols that are going to be used are not decided yet, so the temporary fix is using systemNamed symbol that requires iOS 13+. Solved using SF Symbols as per Diogo's direction.
  • Current implementation requires asking for login credentials if they open the folder without going through VLCNetworkLoginViewController (Tried on SMB folder). If they log in through VLCNetworkLoginViewController, it will not ask for login credentials until the app is restarted.

Closes #503 (closed)

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