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Draft: History Filter: filter already watched media

Avi Wadhwa requested to merge aviwad/vlc-ios:historyFilter into master

A new additional option displayed for the Videos and Songs page. When toggled, only songs that have an isNew property set to true are displayed (only new media). only videos that have a progress property of below 0.9 are displayed (new / unfinished media). mediagroup objects are untouched. Only shown for for the Track model, Video model, and Media Group model.

CHANGES: new UserDefaults key (kVLCAudioVideoLibraryHideWatched), new Additional Option, new label, switch, UIMenu for the same (present for ios 9-13, and 14+ respectively).

Works for songs and videos, but I'm currently unsure as to what should be done for media groups, because individual VLCMLMediaGroup objects have no progress var, nor do they have a isNew property. Perhaps check if the mediagroup only has 1 object (therefore presented as a video in the VLC UI), and then only filter those objects? or check if the last video in the mediagroup has been played?

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