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Set priority to SMBv1

Geoffrey Métais requested to merge Dekans/vlc-android:smb into master

With current LibVLC implementation, SMBv2 has priority.

This commit gives it back to SMBv1 to stick with current release (3.1) behavior.

Context: "Some samba servers (on Windows 7) implement both SMB2 and SMB1. The problem is that the SMB2 part is not configured like the SMB1 one. Only SMB1 seems to reflect the user configuration (using Windows Settings, not anything complicated like via powershell/regedit). If we try to connect to such server via libsmb2, the server will return a SMB2_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED (0xC0000022) status. Our libsmb2 module will then ask the user for credentials via a dialog. The problem is that no credentials will ever work since only the SMB1 part is configured. "

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