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MediaWrapper: stop using libvlcTitle when it contains '://'


When VLC Android is playing udp multicast streams (like the m3u8 provided) and you skip tracks in the VLC ui or the mediacontrol widget in android's notification area, the shown track information is wrong and will be overwritten by the URL (without the @ sign).

m3u8 to test:


Expected behavior

when an m3u8 #EXTINF was provided and no metadata was received in the stream, it should not use the URL as title. In this case it should preserve the m3u8 EXTINF.

Actual behavior

it useses the URL as title

Steps to reproduce

  1. start VLC with the provided m3u8 (you need a multicast streamer in your network for this to work)
  2. initial the playlist #EXTINF infos are loaded/shown
  3. skip forward/backward multiple times using the ui
  4. look at the playlist, the track infos are now overwritten with URL

Id dont know if the issue also happens on other stream protocols than udp://


App version

3.5.4 Android armv8

Android version

Android 10 & 11

Device model

Android Studio Emulator (Nexus 10) but also several different tablets

App mode


Types of changes

  • Bug fix (non-breaking change which fixes an issue)


Fixes: #3007 (closed)

Edited by Robert Stone

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