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Assorted small bugfixes and enhancements

Robert Stone requested to merge rhstone/vlc-android:small-corrections into master


This MR is a collection of bug fixes for various issues:

  1. When connected to Android Auto, the display subtitle often does not update to show extra metadata (e.g. Track / Total Tracks • Artist - Album). This is due to the code invoking publishState() rather than executeUpdate(true) (which also includes publishState, but updates the display subtitle as well)
  2. Fixed NullPointerException in HeaderMediaListActivity. Updated function to handle a null playlist value.
  3. Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException due to for-loop range. I optimized calls to getAllTracks to O(n) from O(n^2).
  4. Android Auto crashes on 3000x3000px cover art. I added a limit to check for anything larger than 2000x2000px. Note: I do not want to re-encode all artwork to a smaller size before passing to Android Auto. The AA Glide library handles resizing and caching imagery; any added operations within VLC slow artwork loading.
  5. Android Auto has a new feature for a tintable attribution icon. I evaluated several options (see below) and landed on a simple vlc logo. If @Corbax has something better, go for it! See: Build Media Apps for Cars - Attribution Icon

How Has This Been Tested?

Tested on a Pixel 3 running Android 11




Other options considered:

audio_notif_icon Inverted_Logo Musical_Note_Logo

Types of changes

  • Bug fix
  • Enhancement


  • I have read the CONTRIBUTING section of the README document.
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