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Fix "opened_position" intent extra, to use for index based playlist opening

popy popy requested to merge popy/vlc-android:fix_opened_position into master

This is the "opened_position" part of not merged !1628 (closed). It enables the user to use the "opened_position" extra from an intent, to start an playlist at an given index.

Examples of usage to start index 5:


 int vlcRequestCode = 42;
 Uri uri = Uri.parse("");
 Intent vlcIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW);
 vlcIntent.setDataAndTypeAndNormalize(uri, "audio/*");
 vlcIntent.putExtra("title", "Test");
 vlcIntent.putExtra("from_start", false);
 vlcIntent.putExtra("opened_position", 5);
 startActivityForResult(vlcIntent, vlcRequestCode);

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