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Resolve compilation issues on Apple Silicon

Robert Stone requested to merge rhstone/vlc-android:update-gradle-config into master


Specify build tools available for aarch64 to use during gradle build.

Motivation and Context

Older build tools do not work with Apple Silicon resulting in "Cause: error=86, Bad CPU type in executable".

How Has This Been Tested?

  1. Within Android Studio, navigate to "Tools->SDK Manager"
  2. Select "SDK Tools" (middle tab) and check "Show Package Details"
  3. Uninstall all build tools except an older version, such as 27.0.1
  4. Reload the Gradle project. Observe Gradle will automatically download 33.0.1
  5. Go back into the menu and uninstall 27.0.1
  6. Reload the Gradle project again
  7. Confirm only version 33.0.1 is present on the system

Types of changes

  • Bug fix (non-breaking change which fixes an issue)


  • I have read the CONTRIBUTING section of the README document.
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