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Android Auto shuffle/repeat icon position and addition of seek button menu preference

Robert Stone requested to merge rhstone/vlc-android:add-seek-prefs into master


With Google's relocation of the queue icon to the upper right corner we can now eliminate the need for the overflow menu entirely. This MR re-orders the shuffle and repeat icons and makes the seek icons optional via preferences. For some vehicles, the user may want to add the seek icons on-screen (assuming the steering wheel buttons do not work). If we make that feature optional we can get Shuffle/Prev/Play/Pause/Next/Repeat all on a single line. From a usability standpoint, I believe it is best to bring the shuffle icon out on the first line instead of hiding it in the overflow menu, as it is more frequently used than either repeat or seek.

Motivation and Context

This change actually drives "Control Stability" for the Android Auto interface. None of the buttons will dynamically be added/removed from this point forward. Shuffle will appear for queue lengths < 2, and the seek buttons will be present, even if seekable is false.

How Has This Been Tested?

Tested on Android Auto (projection mode), and Android Auto for Phones.


new_controls new_controls_with_Seek

AA_For_Phones added_prefs

Types of changes

  • Enhancement (non-breaking change which cleans up / improves existing functionality)


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