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    renderer: refactor background/border clearing options · 36388111
    Niklas Haas authored
    The current behavior is very ad-hoc and presents numerous issues to
    downstream clients. Make this configuration process more straightforward
    by adding an explicit clearing mode enum field to `pl_render_params`,
    which the old override fields are specific instances of.
    Notably, this could be extended in the future, e.g. by PL_CLEAR_GRADIENT
    or whatever. (Although this can already be done as of right now by
    setting both clear modes to PL_CLEAR_NONE and using blend_params on top
    of a custom-drawn gradient)
    The default of `PL_COLOR_CLEAR` for both is consistent with the current
    status quo, and also presents the least surprising outcome when
    combining transparent/opaque images with transparent/opaque
    framebuffers. This way, the user only gets transparent images output if
    they explicitly opt-in to it, either by setting
    `background_transparency` to 1 (like `plplay` does), or by setting the
    background clearing mode to `PL_CLEAR_SKIP`.
    In particular, `border = PL_CLEAR_SKIP` will result in "garbage" pixels
    out of the box, at least on implementations which don't pre-clear
    framebuffers for you.
    Supersedes: !637