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  • 6.1.0   libdvdnav 6.1.0 This is a major release fixing bugs for some specific DVDs, some crashes and introducing a new API to improve the logging of the library.
  • 6.0.1   libdvdnav 6.0.1 This release improves random playback mode, to work-around broken discs, fixes divide-by-zerop issue in tmap search and a compilation issue on OS/2.
    ee4f6486 · Update NEWS for 6.0.1 ·
  • 6.0.0   libdvdnav 6.0.0 This release fixes long-standing bugs in the VM and a few crashes and compilation issues.
    dcb9109e · libdvdnav 6.0.0 ·
  • 5.0.3   libdvdnav 5.0.3 This minor release fixes a regression when reading a DVD label, and adds dvdnav_open_stream to read from virtual devices with read/seek callbacks
  • 5.0.2   libbdvdnav 5.0.2 This release is another minor release of libdvdnav, fixing important bugs present in 5.0.1, and reported often. The important fixes include 2 crashes and wrong asserts, notably around dvdnav_get_position()
  • 5.0.1   libdvdnav 5.0.1 This release is a minor release of libdvdnav, fixing important bugs present in 5.0.0. The important fixes include double-free in dvdnav_free_dup, integer overflow, data race condition and improved compatibility with some DVDs.
  • 5.0.0   libdvdnav 5.0.0 This release is a major version of libdvdnav. This is a very important release focused on cleaning the code, the buildsystem, and fixing potential crashes and security issues. It also adds support for Android and OS/2. It should stay API and ABI compatible with older releases.
    b9458687 · Update ChangeLog ·