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    Integrate libbdnav usage into bluray.c · 9dc89ff0
    j45 authored
    bd_select_title() now selects a playlist index rather than an m2ts file.
    The playlist must be initialized with a call to bd_get_titles() prior
    to selecting a title.  bd_read() now works with read sizes other than 6144.
    bd_seek() seeks to a position relative to the mpls rather than the m2ts.
    Basic usage is now:
    bd = bd_open(device, key_path);
    num_titles = bd_get_titles(bd, TITLES_ALL);
    // determine title index to play by presenting user with 
    // information obtained through bd_get_title_info()
    bd_select_title(bd, title_idx);
    while ((len = bd_read(bd, buf, buf_sz)) > 0)
    	// play buf
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