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tools/dav1d: add xxhash 3 muxer

Janne Grunau requested to merge janne/dav1d:muxer_xxhash into master

Decoding times Chimera-AV1-8bit-1920x1080-6736kbps.ivf with 4 frame and 4 tile threads on a core i7-8550U (disabled turbo boost):

muxer time in seconds on b85fbf6a (md5 optimizations)
null 73.9 72.5 s
md5 181.5 99.8 s
xxh3 75.6 73.8 s

Decoding Chimera-AV1-10bit-1920x1080-6191kbps.ivf with 6frame and 4 tile threads on the apple m1:

muxer time in seconds on 2dca9b28 (md5 optimizations)
null 27.9 s 27.8 s
md5 219.6 s 105.9 s
xxh3 28.5 s 28.3 s
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