Commit 618a5c0b authored by Raphaël Zumer's avatar Raphaël Zumer Committed by Ronald S. Bultje
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Replace "Two Orioles" with "VideoLAN" in output

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......@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ int main(const int argc, char *const *const argv) {
if (!cli_settings.quiet)
fprintf(stderr, "dav1d %s - by Two Orioles\n", DAV1D_VERSION);
fprintf(stderr, "dav1d %s - by VideoLAN\n", DAV1D_VERSION);
if (cli_settings.limit != 0 && cli_settings.limit < total)
  • Side not on this topic, we did consider having a credits somewhere to thanks all the people/orgs that contributed. But that's not in the cli

  • @ltrudeau that is what I was mentioning on IRC. I suggest a THANKS file, which allows to thanks anyone that would have helped during the project. Thoughts?

  • Sounds good to me.

  • I think this is a great idea.

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