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    film_grain: implement film grain synthesis · cfa986fe
    Niklas Haas authored and Ronald S. Bultje's avatar Ronald S. Bultje committed
    This is using a slightly adapted version of my GPU-based algorithm. The
    major difference to the algorithm suggested by the spec (and implemented
    in libaom) is that instead of using a line buffer to hold the previous
    row's film grain blocks, we compute each row/block fully independently.
    This opens up the door to exploit parallelism in the future, since we
    don't have any left->right or top->down dependency except for the PRNG
    state. (Which we could pre-compute for a massively parallel / GPU
    That being said, it's probably somewhat slower than using a line buffer
    for the serial / single CPU case, although most likely not by much
    (since the areas with the most redundant work get progressively smaller,
    down to a single 2x2 square for the worst case).