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[3.0]VLCMediaPlayer: Suggesting new equalizer properties

Hank Anderson requested to merge Sumou/VLCKit:3.0-new-equalizer-property into 3.0

[3.0]VLCMediaPlayer: Suggesting new equalizer properties.

This proposal aims to wrap up the equalizer process and make it a little more intuitive to use. Comparing equalizers is also easier.

Please close MR if this suggestion is incorrect.

best regards.

VLCMediaPlayer *mediaPlayer = ...;

// get preset list
NSArray<VLCAudioEqualizerPreset *> *presets = VLCAudioEqualizer.presets;

// get preset name
VLCAudioEqualizerPreset *preset = presets[0];
NSString *presetName =;

VLCAudioEqualizer *equalizer = [[VLCAudioEqualizer alloc] init];
VLCAudioEqualizer *equalizer = [[VLCAudioEqualizer alloc] initWithPreset: preset];

// equalizer enabled
mediaPlayer.equalizer = equalizer;
// equalizer disabled
mediaPlayer.equalizer = nil;

// preAmplification get set
float preamp = equalizer.preAmplification; // get
equalizer.preAmplification = newValue; // set

// amplificationOfBand get set
NSArray<VLCAudioEqualizerBand *> *bands = equalizer.bands;
for (VLCAudioEqualizerBand *band in bands) {
    float amp = band.amplification; // get
    band.amplification = newValue; // set

// frequencyOfBand
for (VLCAudioEqualizerBand *band in bands) {
    float frequency = band.frequency;
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