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VLCMedia: New media statistics property proposal

Hank Anderson requested to merge Sumou/VLCKit:VLCMedia-new-stats into master

A proposal for a new media statistics property.

  • Example of use
// ObjC
VLCMedia *media = ...;
VLCMediaStats stats = media.statistics;
int readBytes           = stats.readBytes;
float inputBitrate      = stats.inputBitrate;
int demuxReadBytes      = stats.demuxReadBytes;
float demuxBitrate      = stats.demuxBitrate;
int demuxCorrupted      = stats.demuxCorrupted;
int demuxDiscontinuity  = stats.demuxDiscontinuity;
int decodedVideo        = stats.decodedVideo;
int decodedAudio        = stats.decodedAudio;
int displayedPictures   = stats.displayedPictures;
int latePictures        = stats.latePictures;
int lostPictures        = stats.lostPictures;
int playedAudioBuffers  = stats.playedAudioBuffers;
int lostAudioBuffers    = stats.lostAudioBuffers;
// Swift
let media: VLCMedia = ...
let stats: VLCMedia.Stats = media.statistics
let readBytes: Int32            = stats.readBytes;
let inputBitrate: Float         = stats.inputBitrate;
let demuxReadBytes: Int32       = stats.demuxReadBytes;
let demuxBitrate: Float         = stats.demuxBitrate;
let demuxCorrupted: Int32       = stats.demuxCorrupted;
let demuxDiscontinuity: Int32   = stats.demuxDiscontinuity;
let decodedVideo: Int32         = stats.decodedVideo;
let decodedAudio: Int32         = stats.decodedAudio;
let displayedPictures: Int32    = stats.displayedPictures;
let latePictures: Int32         = stats.latePictures;
let lostPictures: Int32         = stats.lostPictures;
let playedAudioBuffers: Int32   = stats.playedAudioBuffers;
let lostAudioBuffers: Int32     = stats.lostAudioBuffers;

Please close MR if this suggestion is incorrect.

best regards.

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