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DRAFT: Universal VLCKit.framework for macOS, iOS, tvOS

Ben King requested to merge king7532/VLCKit:feature/universal-framework into master


To build:

  1. Open Xcode project
  2. Go to the "StaticLibVLC" target
    1. Go to "Build Phases"
    2. Go to "Link Binary With Libraries
    3. Click the "+" button
    4. Click "Add Other..."
    5. Click "Add Files..."
    6. In the open dialog box, find your compiled libvlc-platforom-static.a
  3. At the top of Xcode, select the "VLCKit" scheme
  4. Select the respective platform (i.e., "My Mac", "Any iOS Device", etc.) to match your libvlc-platform-static.a file
  5. Press CMD-B or press the Play button

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