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[3.0] build script: Fix error with Xcode 14 compilation not generating bitcode symbols map for tvOS

Given we built TVVLCKIt using -vdtf and Xcode 14 / tvOS 16 SDK, bitcode symbols map weren't generated in the archive hence the build script failed :


+ dsymfolder=/Users/umxprime/code/videolan/VLCKit-3.0/build/TVVLCKit-appletvos.xcarchive/dSYMs/TVVLCKit.framework.dSYM
+ bcsymbolmapfolder=/Users/umxprime/code/videolan/VLCKit-3.0/build/TVVLCKit-appletvos.xcarchive/BCSymbolMaps
+ spushd /Users/umxprime/code/videolan/VLCKit-3.0/build/TVVLCKit-appletvos.xcarchive/BCSymbolMaps
+ pushd /Users/umxprime/code/videolan/VLCKit-3.0/build/TVVLCKit-appletvos.xcarchive/BCSymbolMaps line 185: pushd: /Users/umxprime/code/videolan/VLCKit-3.0/build/TVVLCKit-appletvos.xcarchive/BCSymbolMaps: No such file or directory

This patch is an attempt to fix it while preserving the eventual support of symbols map when built with older toolchains.

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