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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 3.2.1
    VLCKit 3.2.1 - Added a new default AV1 decoder - dav1d
    - Fixed issues with decoding certain HEVC streams
    - Added API to VLCLibrary to log debug information to a file or a custom target
    - Fixed crash and leaks in our OpenGL based video output
    - Fixed chromecast not displaying Videos for certain devices
    - Fixed crash in Chromecast device discovery
  • 3.2.0
    32c20a41 · update News for 3.2 ·
    VLCKit 3.2.0 - Enabled libmux module
    - Fixed a bug where debuglogging logged less than what the loglevel indicated
    - Fixed a bug where subtitles where not displayed by default on iOS
    - Fixed a crash when playing back mkv on iOS 12
    - API Changes:
        - updateProgressWithReference:message:postion: to updateProgressWithReference:message:position:
    - new recording Api
    	- (void)mediaPlayerStartedRecording:(VLCMediaPlayer *)player;
    	- (void)mediaPlayer:(VLCMediaPlayer *)player recordingStoppedAtPath:(NSString *)path;
    	- (BOOL)startRecordingAtPath:(NSString *)path;
    	- (BOOL)stopRecording;
    - new Transcoder Class and API
    	- (void)transcode:(VLCTranscoder *)transcoder finishedSucessfully:(BOOL)success;
    	- (BOOL)reencodeAndMuxSRTFile:(NSString *)srtPath toMP4File:(NSString *)mp4Path outputPath:(NSString *)outPath
  • 3.2.0-rc1
    releace cabdidate for VLCKit 3.2.0 - Enabled libmux module
    - new recording Api
    	- (void)mediaPlayerStartedRecording:(VLCMediaPlayer *)player;
    	- (void)mediaPlayer:(VLCMediaPlayer *)player recordingStoppedAtPath:(NSString *)path;
    	- (BOOL)startRecordingAtPath:(NSString *)path;
    	- (BOOL)stopRecording;
  • 3.1.5
    5b3b1db6 · updated News for 3.1.5 ·
    VLCKit 3.1.5 - Fixed a crash when updateProgressCallback was called
    - Fixed an issue with authentification for certain HTTP streams
  • 3.1.4
    VLCKit 3.1.4 - debugLoggingLevel of VLCLibrary defaults to 0 (just errors) when provided with an invalid level
    - Added missing VLCMediaParseStatusTimeout to VLCMediaParsedStatus enum
    - Added VLCMedia initWithStream:(NSInputStream *)stream to create a new VLCMedia object to use an input stream.
    - Fixed VLCMediaThumbnailer dimensions not being updated after fetching a thumbnail
    - Fixed crash when cancelDialog was called on VLCDialogProvider
  • 3.1.3
    VLCKit 3.1.3 - Fixed crashes with Chromecast when starting it in the middle of playing streams
    - Fixed Audio not resuming after backgrounding
  • 3.1.2
    VLCKit 3.1.2 - Fix an issue that led to subtitles not being displayed for mkv files
    - h264 low-latency improvements for VideoToolbox
    - Improved display of subtitles
    - Fix playback issues with certain AVI, MP4 and MKV files
  • 3.1.1a
    VLCKit 3.1.1a
    Fix packaging for tvOS and macOS
  • 3.1.1
    VLCKit 3.1.1 - Drop support for platforms < iOS 8 & < tvOS 10.2
    - Add transcoding for the Chromecast
    - Fix an issue that led to green artifacts in H264 streams
    - Fix AVAudioSession handling on tvOS and iOS when playing multiple streams
    - Fix OpenGL multithreading issues on macOS
    - Updated third party libraries, notably Harfbuzz for security improvements
  • 3.1.0
    17735527 · updated News ·
    VLCKit 3.1.0 - Add API to enable or disable deinterlace and specify a filter
    - Expose the existing snapshot API of the VLCMediaPlayer class to macOS
    - Expose yaw, pitch, roll and fov for viewpoint
    - Include protobuf, sout, output_http and stream_out modules for Chromecast
  • 3.0.2
    VLCKit 3.0.2 - Automatic reconnections to HTTP(S) servers on unexpected drops on iOS and tvOS
    - Fixed deadlock when sent to background
    - Fixed some OpenGL and flv crashes
    - Fixed HEVC playback that resulted in just a black screen
    - Removal of private API usage by ffmpeg
  • 3.0.0
    VLCKit 3.0.0 · Added, changed and removed multiple Apis
  • 3.0.0-rc1
    130bf889 · update podspecs ·
  • 3.0.0-pre3
    VLCKit 3.0.0-pre3
    Stability improvements
  • 2.2.2
    023873b4 · MVK: rebase libvlc ·
    VLCKit 2.2.2
    All the stability, security and performance improvements of libvlc 2.2.2 plus more improvements
  • 3.0.0-pre2
    698b8a0d · MVK: update libvlc ·
    VLCKit 3.0.0-pre2
    Stability improvements
  • 3.0.0-pre1
    First deployment of VLCKit
    Used in VLC-iOS 2.7
  • 2.2.2-pre5
    60f6062d · MVK: Update libvlc ·
    VLCKit 2.2.2-pre5
    Minor stability improvements
  • 2.2.2-pre4
    4f37117d · Compilation fix ·
    VLCKit 2.2.2-pre4
    Minor stability improvements
  • 2.2.2-pre3
    b007a762 · MVK: update libvlc ·
    VLCKit 2.2.2-pre3
    Stability improvements over previous pre-release