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    Relicense VLCKit to LGPL · 13cd0a80
    Jean-Baptiste Kempf authored
    Authors include:
    Pierre d'Herbemont
    Felix Paul Kühne
    Faustino Osuna
    Rafaël Carré
    Sebastien Zwickert
    Rune Botten
    Toralf Niebuhr
    Jean-Baptiste Kempf
    Jean-Paul Saman
    Mike Schrag
    Pavlov Konstantin
    Tanguy Krotoff
    Andrey Utkin
    Daniel Mierswa
    Derk-Jan Hartman
    Malte Tancred
    Pere Orga
    Due to his passing into the next world, Emmanuel de Roux's code was
    not relicensed and has been removed.
    May you remember him and have a thought for his family.
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