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    skins2: implement a new 'focus' attribute for text control · 81717b48
    Erwan Tulou authored
    Up to now, text control could but be focusable, and this focus was used
    to scroll text, should it be too long for full display.
    From a user viewpoint, this behavior is often counterintuitive :
     - Most of the time, the control is designed to fit the text anyway, and
       scrolling is not expected.
     - On the other hand, an underlying control may be used to move the window
       (for instance, the title bar), and a text control is expected not to
       interact in this endeavor. Same goes for popupmenu, that is expected
       to work if one happens to right-click on a text control.
    This patch adds a 'focus' attribute to the text control, and leave it to the
    skins developper to decide which behavior is most desirable on a per-control
    basis. focus still defaults to true to maintain skins current behavior.
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