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    sout: allow duplicate outputs to be merged · 1743aae3
    Rafaël Carré authored
    The stream_out_t chain creation is modified: all modules are created by
    the core (or by stream_out_duplicate) instead of being created by the
    previous module.
    sout_StreamChain{New,Delete} replace sout_Stream{New,Delete} to handle
    modules chains instead of individual modules
    sout_Stream{New,Delete} are still used by those new functions but made
    static inside stream_output.c
    Remove now unneeded psz_chain from struct sout_instance_t
    Replace pointer to chain of next module by pointer to next module in
    struct sout_stream_t
    Example use:
    vlc --sout-all input.mp4 --sout
    (dst=transcode without acodec/vcodec is a hack to pass the encoded stream to
    stream_out_standard without transcoding)
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