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    . merged the YUV plugins in the same directory to avoid too much code · f56c4db1
    Sam Hocevar authored
     . YUV transformations now use the new module API ; now only the vout
       and interface still depend on the old plugin API
     . changed TestMMX to TestCPU because we will be able to test for other
       specific extensions (3DNow, SSE) for the forthcoming IDCT we'll
       borrow to mpeg2dec (as usual :P)
     . don't show "hiding module" messages anymore except in debug mode
     . swapped C IDCT and Classic IDCT scores since the classic one seems
       to be faster ; anyway you should use the MMX one
     . fixed a Makefile bug under BeOS
     . tried to fix the cpuid code so that it compiles under BeOS (Polux, can
       you test it when you have time ?)
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